No Parasympathy

After four snow days the first day back is kind of a hassle. Never mind I missed the one question quiz that all but pointed to the answer but most importantly I missed my morning shower in my effort to get here. Of course, had I known it was a one question quiz I wouldn’t have jumped through such a flaming hoop. One question? That’s nothing. Dry skin? That’s itchy – and that’s a problem.

The revised schedule sent out has crammed many of our classes together, but I still think its all┬ámanageable. The Cardiovascular test is this Friday no matter what, and the GI Histology got moved to Wednesday (it’s been moved four times). I can’t fault the administration too much, but the quiz this morning seemed unnecessary.

It felt like a tiny yet noticeable slap in the face.

Maybe I care about it more than I let on. It could also be the dry skin talking.