Slow Down

A fourth year told me this as I was leaving the library yesterday, “Ease off the pedal man, you’re going to need th gas for later.”While he may not know about the two weeks of hell coming up on the horizon, he certainly had a point. As a matter of fact, many of the people surrounding me have a point: don’t burn out.

While eager to keep up with the material and at times get ahead, I feel¬†unnecessary¬†worry holds me back from enjoying myself. Especially this semester. I’ve already gotten the gold, so why do I need to finish with flying colors? It wouldn’t be good to get a C in any of my classes, but to maintain a B wouldn’t kill me. I think my biggest fear though is regressing back to my college days where a B was as good as an A – leading me into the post-college purgatory I only recently became free of.

Last night I had dinner with a friend who is still waiting on news if she’s been accepted or not. At one point she let a tear slip, but was able to hold things together pretty well. It left me feeling very fortunate about my faith, but really hoping that she heard some good news by summer.

My physiology test next week puts me in an interesting situation. Getting a 100 is the only way to make an A. To maintain a B, I can’t get lower than a 42. The numbers might just make me focus on anatomy where a similar situation exists, only its a 96 vs. 76. Pharmacology starts week after next.



The Science of Study

Basic formula.

Finish class. Review yesterday’s key words and material. Lunch. Gym/Second Class. Review current days material, make key words. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Test.

Score on test: < B, unacceptable.

Revised formula.

Depth. Everything with depth. Don’t move ahead on key words without strong grasp. Look for practice problems in Board Review books.

Score on test: TBA